CodeMaker Kids

CURRENT PROJECT: CodeMaker Kids Summer Coding Camp - Virtual Edition

The times are changing, so we change with the times..

Our plan, this year, was to offer a brick-and-mortar, face-to-face, one-on-one camp style to K-8 children. Under the current circumstances, we cant blame parents for feeling some trepidation about sending their kids to interact with others outside their homes or neighborhoods.

We've had to conduct a massive overhaul to our plans, as well as our pricing, and now we've come up with a no-contact method of delivering our services to the community. We will also accept registrations from other communities, if parents will not have access to such services.

That being said, CODING CAMP is on!

If your child is leaving the 2nd grade at the end of this school year, you can enroll him/her in coding camp. If your child is leaving middle school (8th grade) and going to high school next year, you can enrool them in coding camp. If your children fall anywhere between those two grades, you can enroll them in coding camp.

Coding is not just about computer science; it is about learning how to analyze, to plan, to organize, and to put into action, what you have learned. Coding helps build skills like problem solving (math, science, etc); it helps with concentration and focus; it helps your child build rigor to navigate rough terrain (figuratively).

Join us for a FREE Hour-of-Code session on May 20, 2020. Come and evaluate the program for yourself for an hour! We're sure your child will enjoy coding with Tynker.

We will also be offering full and partial scholarships to students who are having trouble with the registration fee. Limited scholarships available, so apply early for CodeMaker Kids summer coding camp - Virtual Edition.

Register your child for our virtual summer coding camp and they will thank you. Go to our CodeMaker Kids website!

Ongoing Project

Masks by Minty

An outreach to provide healthcare and other essential workers with homemade masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have so far donated nearly one hundred homemade cloth masks to healthcare and other essential workers.

This project was born out of an article published online about people sewing masks at home to help hospitals supply their staff with PPE because they were in short supply.

We got to work to learn how to sew masks and become a part of the solution. That is what BSA Corp is all about... acquiring new skills be able to uplift our communities.

Below are some pictures of our donated masks at work!


We're looking for volunteers to help cut and sew masks for our project. You don't need any experience... we will teach you!

If you would like to help in this mission, send an email to

You may also send us a donation. Donations are tax deductible! See our donations page for more info.