What will you learn today?


Be.ComE! Skills Acquisition Corp is a nonprofit organization that seeks to offer free or low-cost access to vocational skills that are easily obtainable and provide useful avenues of self-help and income production.

The methods of training and transferring skills are both in-person and online learning. We utilize small group instruction, project-based and self-directed learning, as well as occasional hybrid lessons. The majority of training consist of direct mentoring or apprenticeships.

Our target population are people whose opportunities for education and training are limited by their income, location, or time available due to family obligations. A significant portion of this outreach is directed at local communities school-aged children who are not served by traditional educational opportunities to enable them to experience STEM activities. Students who have been sidelined by unfortunate circumstances that will restrict their participation in other programs have a second chance in our STEM program.

Our goal is to provide self-standing levels of skill acquisition that provide tangible returns of income or opportunity. These levels are sufficiently complete to allow for entry level employment for some and continuing education for others.

Ultimately, we hope by participating in our activities, learners and apprentices will strive to make a positive impact on their communities.